4th-6th March 2019

Speakers 2018


Scott Dylla
Chief Scientific Officer

Day Two

Wednesday 28th March, 2018

08.40 | Preclinical & Clinical Safety & Efficacy of a Novel Tumour-Initiating Cell Targeted ADC

Peter Bach
Director, Nonclinical Development
BioPharmaLogic Consulting

Ian Schwartz
Process Development Consultant
Sartorius Stedim

Samuele Cazzamalli
Research Assistant
Philochem AG

Day Two

Wednesday 28th March, 2018

14.00 | Getting Small to Enhance Targeting: Non-Internalizing Small Molecule-Drug Conjugates for the Treatment of Solid Tumours

Richard Shannon
Scientist I

To be Confirmed

Norbert Schuelke
Senior Director, Head of Purification & Bioconjugation Process Development

Carl Uli Bialucha
Head, Oncology Biotherapeutics

Anthony Tolcher
Co-founder & Director
Next Oncology

Day One

Tuesday 27th March, 2018

16.30 | Antibody Drug Conjugates: Lessons from 20 Years of Clinical Experience

Arnaud Delobel
Director, Research & Development
Quality Assistance

Alain Beck
Senior Director, Physio-Chemistry Department

Day One

Tuesday 27th March, 2018

08.10 | Explore Strategies & Challenges for the Next Generation of Antibody-Drug Conjugates

08.00 | Chair’s Opening Remarks

17.30 | Chair’s Closing Remarks

Day Two

Wednesday 28th March, 2018

17.30 | Chair’s Closing Remarks

08.30 | Chair’s Opening Remarks

Alex Lazar
Director Analytical & Pharmaceutical Sciences

Aman Singh
PK-PD Scientist
Johnson & Johnson

Anette Sommer
Principal Scientist

Charles Dumontet
Team Leader
Cancer Research Centre Lyon

Day Two

Wednesday 28th March, 2018

16.30 | Where do ADCs sit in the Clinical Landscape? Comparison of ADCs with Current Standard of Care

Christoffer Nielsen
Senior Scientist
The Finsen Laboratory

Conor Barry
Analytical Group Leader

David Bramhill
Bramhill Biological Consulting

Dawei Xuan
Senior Director, Clinical Pharmacology

Francesca Zammarchi
Senior Cancer Biologist
ADC Therapeutics

Nicolas Joubert
Associate Professor

Jutta Wanner
Chief Scientific Officer and VP of Research

Ivano Pusterla
CDO Chemical Service Unit

Iontcho Vlahov
Vice President, Discovery Chemistry

James (Maorong) Ruan
Senior Vice President, Quality

Julia Gavrilyuk
Principal Scientist & Chemistry Leader

Julian Andreev
Senior Staff Scientist
Regeneron Pharmaceuticals

Daisuke Okajima
Daiichi Sankyo

Nina Caculitan

Justin Mason-Home
HPAPI Project Services Limited

Francois D’Hooge
Head, Bioconjugation Unit (ADC)

Giorgio Salciarini
Technical Business Development Manager
BSP Pharmaceuticals

Rakesh Dixit
Vice President, Research & Development

Day One

Tuesday 27th March, 2018

08.40 | Are We There Yet?: Maximizing the Clinical Potential of ADCs By Reducing Toxicities & Enhancing Tumour Antigen Targeting

Stefan Koenig
Senior Scientist, Small Molecule Process Chemistry

Maureen Ryan
Senior Director, Antibody Discovery
Seattle Genetics

Day Two

Wednesday 28th March, 2018

14.30 | Leveraging Prior Knowledge in ADC Product Development & Quality Control

17.00 | Enhancing Impact of Antibody-Drug Conjugates for Cancer Treatment

Ulf Grawunder
Chief Executive Officer
NBE Therapeutics

Kerstin Pohl
Applications Specialist

To be Confirmed
Seattle Genetics

Silke Weber
Toxicologist, Occupational Health

Phil Howard
Chief Scientific Officer

Markus Eser
Head, Downstream Processing

Marc Damelin
Senior Director

Day Two

Wednesday 28th March, 2018

09.10 | The Dolaflexin Platform for High-Loaded Auristatin ADCs

Mary Jane Hinrichs
Principal Toxicologist

Maria Marza Perez
Research Scientist DSP

Day One

Tuesday 27th March, 2018

17.00 | Towards the Single Use of TFF Membranes in ADC Manufacturing

Dorota Roberts
Independent Consultant

Thomas Schirrmann
Research Group Leader & Chief Executive Officer & Co-Founder, YUMAB
University of Braunschweig

Thomas Schirrmann is founder and CEO of the German Biotech company YUMAB GmbH, a German biotech company providing technologies and services for the development of fully human antibodies. He is expert in immunology, immunotherapy and recombinant antibody technologies for more than 20 years. He obtained is Ph.D. in immunology from Charité Hospital of the Humboldt University Berlin. In 2005 he became research group leader at the department of Biotechnology of the University of Braunschweig. In 2007 he founded together with colleagues the biotech company mAB-factory and in 2012 YUMAB, the latter he has been heading as CEO since then. He is co-author of more than 70 research articles, reviews and scientific book chapters. He is co-inventor of several patents.    

Letrishka Anthony
Research Analyst, Beacon
Hanson Wade

Day Two

Wednesday 28th March, 2018

13.30 | Review of the ADC Clinical Pipeline

Xun Meng
Chief Executive Officer & Co-Founder

Xun has a Ph.D. (chemistry) from New York University. He did a post-doc with Mark Keating at University of Utah, where he studied the genetic basis of Williams’ syndrome. Since then, he has been involved in multiple biotech start-ups, including Orion Genomics (senior scientist), Epitome Biosystems (co-founder and Research Director, acquired by Millipore) and Abmart (co-founder, CEO). Xun has created novel technologies for genomics (optical mapping, NYU) and proteomics (PET antibody array technology, Epitome Biosystems). At Abmart, he has led the invention of antibody library technologies for proteins (SEALTM) and proteomes (MabArrayTM). His goal is to create an antibody technology ecosystem for much easier, faster and productive protein/proteome studies to accelerate basic research and (therapeutic and diagnostic) product development.

Gavin Bennett
Head, Preclinical Development
Bicycle Therapeutics 

Day Two

Wednesday 28th March, 2018

09.40 | BT1718, a Bicycle Toxin Conjugate for the treatment for solid tumours