Calling the Antibody Drug Conjugate Community!

2021 has proven an important year for the ADC community with:

The approvals of Zynlonta and Tivdak

PADCEV being granted regular approval

10 ADCs are currently being developed in pivotal trials or phase 3 development

14 other ADCs entering the clinic

The field is only going in one direction and that’s up, and very quickly at that.

However, understanding the best potency payload to use, the causes of off-target toxicity, scaling process and manufacturing capacities to deal with demand, patient selection and the strategic competition between commercially available ADCs are some of the aspects of the field keeping ADC developers awake at night.

It is vital for the community to come together in 2022 to:

  • Nourish current pipelines of ADCs through improved preclinical understanding of PK/PD, developing more clinically relevant animal models, optimising dosing schedules and regimens in humans and harnessing biomarkers for improved patient selection and clinical outcomes
  • Develop the next generation of ADCs as we explore new payloads with new mechanisms of action, new linker-payload combinations as well as non-traditional ADCs including immune-stimulating-drug conjugates, radioimmunoconjugates, small-molecule drug conjugates and beyond
  • Confidently define your manufacturing processes by forging a strong CDMO relationship, effectively scaling up process to supply early clinical, late clinical and commercial demand, developing improved analytical methods to ensure purity and consistency and understanding the key CMC regulatory considerations

Reunite with the ADC community in London to exchange novel ideas, gather lessons learned and develop new partnerships to power another 12 months of transformative ADC research.