Post-conference Workshop Day

Thursday, 5th March

Workshop G: Advanced Design of ADCs: Principles & Applications with Next Generation Linkers & Site Specific Technology


Workshop H: Exploring Novel Mechanism of Actions, Optimising Payload & Linker Chemistry & Deepening Understanding of Payload Driven Toxicities


Let’s explore various ways to improve the therapeutic window of ADCs using a rational approach to improve clinical performance by building a better molecule. By incorporating improvements in solubility as well as attachment stability, great strides can be made.

Join this workshop to discuss various methods for obtaining a defined DAR, and the pros and cons of several key approaches. Particular attention will be given to dual and multi-warhead ADCs, and the various ways to achieve controlled multivalency on native and engineered proteins. Lastly, with the emergence of Immunooncology, dual binding bi-specific antibodies will be discussed as a platform for ADC conjugations.

Agenda Summary:

  • Welcome and Introductions
  • Background and Defining the Challenge
  • Solubilising the Drug-Linker
  • Stabilising the Linker
  • Site-Specific Strategies for Success
  • Multi-valency and Dual-Warheads
  •  Bi-specific constructs as ADC platforms

Rick Powers, Independent Consultant

Ed Ha, Founding Principal Scientist, Angiex, Inc

Discussions will focus on how payload-linker combinations can affect ADC clinical activity and toxicities when attached to antibodies, and how the most appropriate payload-linker combination can be chosen for a particular antibody and/or cancer type.

Attend this workshop to explore the scientific biological rationale for maximising the synergy of ADC payload- linker combinations.

This workshop will enable you to:

• Improve your understanding of the most desirable properties of payloads and linkers

• Review current payload-linker combinations which are enhancing the therapeutic window

• Evaluate past strategies to improve and balance: payload potency, impact of homogeneous conjugations on PK/PD, protein/nucleic acid payloads & synergy with I/O

• Explore payload and linker combinations currently at the discovery or development stages

• Learn to develop linker-payloads that will not release prematurely

• Discover important considerations for designing the optimum payload-linker

Rick Powers, Independent Consultant

Ed Ha, Founding Principal Scientist, Angiex, Inc