8:20 am Chairperson’s Opening Remarks

Reviewing Recent Breakthroughs & Thinking Strategically About the ADC Landscape

8:30 am Strategically Developing & Advancing ADCs


  • Providing an historical review of ADCs
  • Overviewing the current ADC landscape
  • Discussing the future of ADCs: Combinations and Sequencing

9:00 am ADCs in Breast Cancer: Reflections & The View Forward

  • Sunil Verma Global Head & Head of Breast Cancer Strategy, AstraZeneca


  • Discuss the learnings from the development of ADCs in Breast Cancer
  • Explore opportunities to bring the power of ADCs to the next wave of clinical studies
  • Imagine the future of ADCs as the foundation of care in Oncology

9:30 am Industry Leaders Panel Discussion – Reviewing the Last Year & Creating Strategies to Further Develop ADCs Through 2022


  • Reviewing how breakthroughs in 2021 are shaping the ADC industry
  • What decision are industry pioneers making to ensure continued progress within the ADC space (technical and business/partnership decisions)?
  • Outlining the biggest challenges that ADC drug developers are facing in taking drugs from the bench to bedside
  • Discussing methods to bring ADCs to earlier-line treatment

10:15 am
Structured Networking

12:45 pm
Lunch & Networking Supported by Proveo

3:15 pm
Afternoon Break & Networking

Exploring Best-in-Class CMC Analytical Methods, & Understanding the Key Regulatory Considerations

3:45 pm Integrated Approach to Provide Actionable Data to Support Programmes From Concept to Clinical Material

  • Jeff Caroll Group Leader Process & Analytical Development, Merck
  • Omar Lamm Global Director & Head of Analytical Development Business, Merck


  • Display impact of raw material characterisation on conjugation chemistry
  • Discuss examples where incomplete characterisation delayed timelines
  • Showcase the importance of an integrated offering from early development through to manufacturing

4:15 pm High-Precision Ambrx ADC Conjugation Process, & Analytical Characterisation to Ensure High Homogeneity & Purity

  • Mysore Ramprasad Executive Director, Analytical Development & Formulation, Ambrx


  • Understanding the Ambrx expanded genetic code, protein expression and site-specific ADC conjugation platform
  • Investigate the development of platform analytical methods and extended characterisation to demonstrate homogeneity and high product quality
  • Assess the validation of technology with 3 ADCs

4:45 pm Establishing the Most Important QC Parameters for Drug-Linker & Drub Substance for Early Development Candidates

  • Geoffrey Winters Associate Director - ADC Process & Analytical Development, Zymeworks


  • Review considerations of critical quality attributes for drug-linker and ADC DS on a phase-appropriate basis
  • Analyse purity vs. API related impurities
  • Discuss characterisation vs. quality control

5:15 pm End of Scientific Programme Day One

Scientific Poster Session


After the formal presentations have finished, the learning and networking carries on. The Scientific Poster Session is an informal part of the conference agenda, allowing you to connect with your peers in a relaxed atmosphere and continue to forge new and existing relationships. During this session over 25 scientific posters will be presented from novel linker designs to validation of site specific conjugation technologies and more informative in vivo models.