8:00 am Registration & Morning Coffee

8:25 am Chair’s Opening Remarks

  • Alain Beck Senior Director - Biologics Chemistry, Manufacturing & Controls Developability Physico-Chemistry Department, Pierre Fabre

Outlining Ground-Breaking ADC Products to Accelerate ADC Treatments to the Frontline

8:30 am ENHERTU: Lessons Learnt, Optimising the Success & the Case History of the ADC ‘Poster Child’

  • Gerold Meinhardt Vice President - Asset & Portfolio Management, Daiichi Sankyo


  • Exploring the significant opportunities of ENHERTU following its unprecedented success in HER-2 negative breast cancer
  • Discussing the unique qualities of ENHERTU that have contributed to its success, including the low potency payload, the cleavability of the linker and the bystander effect, and outlining which of these qualities specifically can be taken forward in future ADCs
  • Outlining what the success of ENHERTU means for the future of ADC design and adapting approved ADCs for novel indications

9:00 am Session Reserved for Pheon Therapeutics

9:30 am Successful Development & Manufacturing of ADCs Through Strategic Integration with External Partners


  • Successful integration with contract manufacturing organizations (CMOs) to successfully validate all components of antibody-drug conjugates
  • Discussion regarding the utilization of a fully outsourced model to develop/manufacture early-stage ADCs
  • Lastly, the continued optimization of integration between client and external vendor will be discussed

10:00 am Morning Networking Break & Refreshments

Discovery Stream

Discovery stream


Establishing a Fine Balance Between Toxicity & Efficacy With an Optimal ADC Design


11.30 Delivering Oligonucleotides to Cancer Cells

• Outlining Cellectar’s novel platform providing targeted delivery of oligonucleotides to cancer cells
• Describing proof of principle/concept in vitro and in vivo
• Discussing future directions and opportunities

Jarrod Longcor, Chief Operating Officer, Cellectar


12.00 Session Reserved for Singzyme


12.30 Novel Bi- & Tri -Specific Human Immunomodulatory Tribodies Strongly Activate T Cells & Exert Efficient Anti Tumour Activity In Vitro & In Vivo

• Outlining the generation of novel human immunomodulatory mAbs by phage display selection on human hPBMCs
• Discussing combinatorial treatments and the generation of novel immunomodulatory bi-spcific tribodies for stronger ativation of T cells
• Exploring novel human tri-specific T cell engager Tribodies including an immunomodulatory moiety for anticancer therapy

Claudia de Lorenzo, Professor of Biochemistry, University of Naples


13.00 Session Reserved for Abzena


Translational Stream
Clinical Lessons Stream
Process & Analytical Development Stream
Manufacturing & Supply Chain Stream

1:00 pm 13.00 Lunch Break & Cerbios-Pharma SA Hosted Presentation



Discovery Stream

Discovery stream


Optimising Linker Technologies to Enhance Your Therapeutic Window


14.30 Antibody Drug Conjugates & the BCL-XL journey

• Reviewing the history of targeting the BCl-2 family of antiapoptotic proteins
• Outlining the engineering of a Bcl-xL targeting Antibody Drug Conjugates
• Exploring the clinical vignettes from clinical trials

Martha Neagu, Medical Director, AbbVie


15.00 Outlining the Need for Homogeneity & Site-Specific Conjugation for Efficient Tumour Killing

• Discussing the benefits of homogeneity and site-specific conjugation for efficient tumour killing, and the effects on toxicity, efficacy and stability

Zhibo Liu, Assistant Professor & Principal Investigator, Peking University


15.30 Exploring the Influence of DM1, MMAE, & MMAF on Biodistribution & Pre-clinical Therapeutic Efficacy of Affibody-Based Drug Conjugates

• Discussing the targeting of EGFR, HER2, and HER3 with affibodybased drug conjugates
• Describing the impact on biodistribution and in vivo cytotoxic efficacy of HER2 targeting drug conjugates loaded with auristatin and maytansine-derived payloads

Torbjörn Gräslund, Professor, Division of Protein Engineering, KTH Royal Institute of Technology


16.00 Clickable ADCs at Scale by Functional Droplet Screening & Site- Specific Conjugation

• Functional antibodies are rare: VERAXA can screen entire B-cell repertoires fast and identify highly specific mAbs that internalize.
• Precise positioning: utilizing positional intelligence combined with site-specific conjugation we are learning how to modulate pharmacokinetics and efficacy.
• Target to Lead: Scaled and early generation of optimized ADC candidates on multiple targets within the yea

Christoph Antz, Chief Executive Office, Veraxa Biotech 

Translational Stream
Clinical Lessons Stream
Process & Analytical Development Stream
Manufacturing & Supply Chain Stream

3:30 pm Afternoon Networking Break & Technology Slam


As you enjoy your afternoon refreshments, you will also have the chance to be face-to-face with the field’s most innovative and exciting technology providers.

Join our dedicated technology slam to identify your next technology provider and progress your antibody-drug conjugate pipeline smoothly and efficiently.

Breaking Down the Challenges & Possibilities With Cracking Into Solid Tumours

4:15 pm Novel Precise Homogeneous Dual Payload iADCs & ADC2s, Capable of Driving Anti-tumour Immunity & Addressing Resistance

  • Trevor Hallam Chief Scientific Officer & President - Research, Sutro Biopharma


  • Precisely engineering TAA targeting MAbs with two orthogonal conjugation chemistries opens the door to novel therapeutic modalities and concepts
  • Understanding how iADCs consist of a primary tumour targeting antibody to which a precise number and ratio of two different mechanistic payloads can be conjugated to optimise the mechanistic complementarity of tumour cell disruption, and innate immune cell stimulation to result in anti-tumour immunity
  • Discussing how ADC2 s are dual-conjugated constructs that have complimentary mechanisms within the primary tumour cell expressing the targeted antigen with the aim of addressing resistance and synthetic lethality

4:45 pm Innovative Chitooligosaccharide-based Solubility Enhancer for Linker-Payloads: Improved Efficacy and New Life for Challenging Payloads


  • Introduction to Chetosensar™ technology, a new chitooligosaccharide-based solubility enhancer that can be used with a wide range of linker-payload chemistries and conjugation methods.
  • Discussion of invitro studies demonstrating increased efficacy and previously unattainable high DAR species
  • Overview of how Chetosensar™ technology works with our CDMO services and ADCore™ intermediates to deliver rapid access to new linker-payloads

5:15 pm Enhancing the Therapeutic Index of ADCs to Penetrate Solid Tumours: Pan-Tumoral Small Molecule-Drug Conjugates Targeting Fibroblast Activation Protein in Solid Lesions


  • Reviewing how OncoFAP, which is a clinically validated small organic ligand targeting FAP in solid tumour
  • Learning how OncoFAP-drug conjugates selectively target tumours in vivo and release high amount of MMAE at the site of disease
  • Exploring how OncoFAP-drug conjugates potently induce anti-tumours response at doses below tumour saturation both in monotherapy and in combination with immunotherapy

5:45 pm Addressing the Complexity of Manufacturing ADCs From Early Stage to Commercial


  • Outlining key challenges related to break through and fast approval designation
  • Discussing methods to build a robust technical package to support a consistent regulatory strategy
  • Delivering important updates on conjugation and fill-finish capacity

6:15 pm
Scientific Poster Session


Join your peers in the ADC field by presenting your work in our dedicated ADC poster session. This is the perfect opportunity to discuss, debate, and display your work in the field.

7:00 pm End of Conference Day One