8:00 am Registration Open

8:50 am Chairperson’s Opening Remarks

Reviewing Recent Breakthroughs & Thinking Strategically About the ADC Landscape

9:00 am Bringing Mirvetuximab Soravtansine, an FR-alpha Directed ADC, to Patients with Ovarian Cancer


  • Discussing efficacy and safety of MIRV in FR-alpha high, platinum resistant ovarian cancer
  • Outlining the evolution of the companion diagnostics and impacts on trials
  • Sharing information about on-going trials and next steps

9:30 am Industry Leaders Panel Discussion – Reviewing the Last Year & Creating Strategies to Further Develop ADCs Through 2022


  • Reviewing how breakthroughs in 2021 are shaping the ADC industry
  • What decision are industry pioneers making to ensure continued progress within the ADC space (technical and business/partnership decisions)?
  • Outlining the biggest challenges that ADC drug developers are facing in taking drugs from the bench to bedside
  • Discussing methods to bring ADCs to earlier-line treatment

10:15 am
Structured Networking


This session is a great opportunity to introduce yourself to the attendees that you would like to have more in depth conversations with. This session is the ideal opportunity to get back to face-to-face interaction with many of the brightest minds working in the ADC field and establish meaningful business relationships.

12:45 pm
Lunch & Networking Supported by Proveo

3:15 pm
Afternoon Break & Refreshments

Expanding the Horizon for ADC Drug Development

3:45 pm PBD Core Intermediate Expands Broad Payload Product Line to Simplify ADC Payload Development

  • James Walker Associate Director, Process Chemistry API R&D, Merck


  • Learn how Merck’s ADCore products can shorten synthetic path to final payload and reduce supply chain complexity
  • Understand how PBDCore providers excellent flexibility and versatility to produce a variety of clinical PBDs

4:15 pm High-Precision Ambrx ADC Conjugation Process, & Analytical Characterisation to Ensure High Homogeneity & Purity

  • Mysore Ramprasad Executive Director, Analytical Development & Formulation, Ambrx



  • Understanding the Ambrx expanded genetic code, protein expression and site-specific ADC conjugation platform
  • Investigate the development of platform analytical methods and extended characterisation to demonstrate homogeneity and high product quality
  • Assess the validation of technology with 3 ADCs

4:45 pm SOT102: Claudin 18.2 Targeting PNU-based ADC for the Treatment of Gastric & Pancreatic Cancer


  • Differentiated ADC targeting CLDN18.2 with novel proprietary antibody
  • Built on NBE Therapeutics iADC platform: PNU toxin, sortase-mediated coupling
  • Recruitment of the Phase I trial to start in March 2022

5:15 pm End of Scientific Programme Day One

Scientific Poster Session & Drinks Reception


After the formal presentations have finished, the learning and networking carries on. The Scientific Poster Session is an informal part of the conference agenda, allowing you to connect with your peers in a relaxed atmosphere and continue to forge new and existing relationships. During this session over 25 scientific posters will be presented from novel linker designs to validation of site specific conjugation technologies and more informative in vivo models.