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ADC Review

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ADC Review / Journal of Antibody-drug Conjugates (ISSN 2327-0152) is an international, peer-reviewed, online journal covering antibody-drug conjugates, biSpecific antibodies, site-specific antibody-drug conjugates, small-molecule drug conjugates and engineered fragments. We invite you to join our community of over 16,000 professionals in Large Drug Development (Pharma / Biotech), Small & Medium Drug Development, Equipment Manufacturers, Contract Development & Manufacturing Organizations, Regulatory & Government Agencies, Platform Technology and Academia.



ADC Directory

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ADC Review, Journal of Antibody-drug Conjugates, ADC Directory offers a comprehensive, member driven resource for businesses and professionals alike. Search by solution or service, compare review and connect with fellow members. World ADC attendees, click here to sign up for a FREE Professional Membership today!




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MabDesign, MabDesign, the French biotherapy industry association, aims at structuring the biopharmaceutical industry in France from its R&D phases to bioprocessing and marketing. Its objectives are to promote the emergence of innovative start-ups & academic spin-offs, to increase the global visibility of the national industry, to support the development and competitiveness of companies, and to stimulate innovation and collaborations in the field.




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PHARMAnetwork is a company specialized in publishing for the pharmaceutical industry. PHARMAnetwork has developed publications for CMO, CDMO and professionals working in the life sciences. PHARMAnetwork designs specialized studies for pharmaceutical companies, contract service providers and investment firms.


PHARMAnetwork magazine covers, every aspect of pharmaceutical value chain, the change and developments in the intersection between pharmaceutical industry and outsourcing industry. We perform interviews and write articles whose thematic strategies, organizations, mergers and acquisitions, regulatory, innovation in the pharmaceutical development and contract manufacturing.


RSK Life Science Media All

RSK Live Science Media

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Video interviews and product demos from leading life science, pharma and biopharma vendors and thought leaders.

YouTube: www.youtube.com/@rsklifesciencemedia3007
LinkedIn: www.linkedin.com/in/rizwanc

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The Antibody Society

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The Antibody Society is an international, non-profit representing individuals and organizations involved in antibody-related research and development. The Society’s initiatives and working groups focus on improving the antibody field. We create opportunities for education and networking; monitor and report advances in the commercial pipeline of antibody therapeutics; create standards for characterizing antibody and T-cell receptor repertoires; and engage government and international agencies on matters concerning the antibody community. Please join us!