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3rd World ADC Asia
June 25-27, 2024 Incheon, South Korea

2nd ADC Linker & Conjugation Summit
August 20-22, 2024
Boston, MA

15th World ADC San Diego
November 4-7, 2024
San Diego, CA

Europe's Longest Standing & Definitive Antibody-Drug Conjugate Event

Identify Novel Targets, Select the Optimal Combination Partner & Streamline CMC Strategy to Accelerate ADCs to Earlier-Line Treatments

Welcome to the 14th World ADC London 2024

Thank you to our speakers, sponsors, and delegates who joined us in London for the summit! If you are interested in the 2025 event, please get in touch at adc@hansonwade.com

Antibody-drug conjugates are coming of age with a remarkable surge in recent times, that has marked a turning point in their development. Notable achievements include the ground-shaking triumph of ENHERTU, eye-popping investments like Pfizer's monumental $43 billion acquisition of Seagen, and the FDA’s greenlight for ELAHERE. These milestones have transformed the ADC landscape, driving increased interest and investment in the field, which now has a preclinical and clinical arena dynamically evolving.

As such, the 14th World ADC London returned in March 2024. This was the first opportunity in the 2024 to explore these monumental wins, reflect on ongoing challenges, and collaborate on innovative strategies to supercharge all stages of ADC development.

Relive the 2023 Event Highlights

Secure regulatory approvals and position ADCs at the forefront of revolutionary therapies with exclusive insights into linker-payload optimization, pioneering target discovery, strategic toxicity management, precise combination partner selection, and rapid manufacturing advancements.

No ADC stone was left unturned as The World ADC London united 600+ leading players in the field under one roof including AbbVie, AstraZeneca, Daiichi Sankyo, GlaxoSmithKline, Immunogen, Regeneron, Seagen, and many more.

End-To-End ADC Development Content for All Members of Your Team

Whether you have just ventured into the ADC space or are an ADC guru, the World ADC London Conference 2024 had you covered.

2024 World-Class Speaker Faculty Included:

Benedicte Recolin

Associate Director - Safety Sciences


Dhiraj Gambhire

Executive Director - Global Clinical Lead, Enhertu, Breast & Medical

Daiichi Sankyo

Gerold Meindhardt

Vice President, Asset & Portfolio Management

Daiichi Sankyo

Ian Andrews

Senior Manager, Strategic External Development


Lolke De Haan

Vice President - Toxicology

ADC Therapeutics

Martha Neagu

Medical Director, Oncology Early Development


Michael Method

Executive Medical Director


See Phan

Vice President, Clinical Research Oncology


Hear What Previous Attendees have Said:

"Great experience! I really enjoyed the talks and the panel discussions covering different areas of expertise which matter for ADC development"
Heidelberg Pharma

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"World ADC London is the number one ADC meeting in Europe"
Pierre Fabre Group

"This is the greatest ADC conference, we have an excellent update on all aspects of ADCs and innovation across the globe"
Innate Pharma

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2024 Partners:

Lead Partner

Senior Partners



About World ADC Series

The World ADC team ploughs its collective energy in to sourcing the insights you need. We investigate the most challenging problems facing the industry; source the leading experts who have game-changing solutions; and distil this into accessible formats of information exchange – for you. From globally leading conferences to webinars and industry reports, whatever the information you need, World ADC can offer you the insights you need to accelerate your ADC programs.

The value World ADC provides you is the power of insight and connections. Not artificial, and not short-lived. We nurture the right environments in which people can communicate problems and solutions; share novel data and forge networks across the industry that will make each of your endeavours more informed and more robust.

We share a common belief with the industry – that the potential of antibody drug conjugates is enormous. In the war against cancer, ADCs can be a game-changer and we know that the right insights and connections can sharpen the weapons that are in your arsenal.

Join us at the heart of the ADC community to improve your programmes and be part of the mission to develop better antibody drug conjugate drugs.

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