4th-6th March 2019

About World ADC London

With over 320 of your ADC peers across 140 organisations uniting at World ADC, it’s your ultimate opportunity to catch up with familiar faces and foster new industry connections.

Join the ADC industry at this definitive forum to exchange novel ideas, gather lessons learned and develop new partnerships to power the next 12 months of your ADC research.

Attend World ADC to:

  • Discover novel ADC payloads with differentiated mechanisms of action
  • Optimise linker chemistries to develop more stable and efficacious ADCs
  • Review the scientific rationale for combining ADCs with other cancer fighting agents
  • Minimise off-target toxicities with improved targeting to tumour associated antigens
  • Decipher mechanisms driving off target toxicities and maximize your candidate’s TI
  • Improve process  design to overcome challenges in conjugation manufacturing
  • Ensure batch to batch reproducibility and minimise cross-contamination with improved understanding of capability requirements
  • Enhance tumour penetration by exploring the potential advantages of utilising alternative protein formats as carriers
  • Learn the analytical and bioanalytical requirements for development and commercialisation of ADCs

“Very valuable to meet new players in ADC