26-28 March, 2018
ProArte Maritim Hotel, Berlin, Germany

About World ADC Berlin

Maximise the Therapeutic Index of Your Antibody Drug Conjugate

The approval of Besponsa and re-approval of Mylotarg has injected huge excitement into the ADC field. Now with 4 approved drugs, over 65 candidates in clinical development and many more in preclinical development, ADCs are rapidly living up to their name – “magic bullets”.

Yet the narrow therapeutic index of ADCs means developing a clinically effective ADC is not without it’s challenges. There are more ADCs in clinical development than ever, continuous innovation in ADC technology and rapid advances in manufacturing processes readying for commercialisation. All this  means there is a lot to be distilled at World ADC Berlin 2018.

The 8th Annual World ADC Berlin is the forum ADC drug developers converge at for three days to immerse themselves in the latest ADC science to enable the development of more clinically safe and efficacious ADCs.

Each year over 340 members of the ADC community across 140 organisations converge at this conference to develop new connections, cement partnerships and catch up with familiar faces.  

“A thoroughly engaging and intellectually stimulating experience, World ADC has been packed with new ideas, techniques & friends.  The possibilities for new breakthroughs and collaborations based on my time here has made it even more motivating to get back to the lab.”

The Scripps Research Institute