20-22 February 2017
Berlin, Germany

The Industry’s Leading Summit for Antibody-Drug Conjugate Development

World ADC Berlin will give you the data, insight and lessons learned to power the next 12 months of your ADC research.

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Now in it’s 7th year, World ADC Berlin will enable you to develop more clinically effective ADCs. Over 3 days, 56 antibody drug conjugate experts will divulge their cutting-edge research empowering you to:

  • Develop next-generation payloads with differentiated mechanisms of action to meet unmet patients needs.
  • Optimise your linker’s chemistry to improve in vivo stability and minimise off target toxicities
  • Improve on target efficacy and solid tumour penetration with novel antibody formats
  • Effectively characterise your ADC compound and submit a comprehensive bioanalytical package as part of your IND filing
  • Successfully translate into the clinic by managing ADC preclinical efficacy over-estimation
  • Meet clinical endpoints by maximising your ADCs clinical therapeutic window with latest advancements in dosing regimen and patient stratification strategies
  • Optimise your manufacturing processes and QA/QC testing to ensure batch-to-batch reproducibility

Join 300+ of your peers, from 120 organisations, for what will be your most valuable ADC learning and networking opportunity of 2017.  Click here to find out why.

“World ADC Conference is THE event to attend to catch up with the most recent developments in the field”



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“World ADC allows me to learn how others are innovating in the ADC field, which is simultaneously a humbling experience and a unique opportunity to expand on my own crazy ideas.”

“Attending the ADC summit 2016 in Berlin has proved to be a highly useful tool in deciphering the latest trends in the field from all aspects of ADC development and manufacture. This conference is a must for anyone currently working within the ADC arena or looking to move into this exciting field.”
ADC Biotechnology

“Very interesting and informative conference, which covers most of the specific aspects of ADC discovery and development, with many high quality speakers”
Clean Cells

Companies that attend World ADC Berlin include:
Infographic - companies attending