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2015 kicked off with World ADC Frankfurt

World ADC Frankfurt 2015 did not disappoint in it’s mission to help you to not only learn how to make an ADC, but how to make a great one. With insights on numerous novel payload technologies, robust strategies for preclinical evaluation and emerging clinical data, there was no better way to kick start your research this year.

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There’s no need to wait until 2016, if you’re working in the oncology space, why not review other events lovingly produced by the World ADC team

 World ADC San Diego World Bispecific HPAPI Summit
World ADC is the leading meeting helping you to accelerate the development of clinically relevant ADCs.


Attend World Bispecific to improve your validation of synergistic targets, optimize bispecific development and maximize manufacturability.


The HPAPI Summit will help you to develop robust and scalable process chemistry, strengthen primary containment and define the optimal outsourcing framework for the production of highly potent APIs, specifically from bench to point of outsource.


“World ADC is an opportunity to have face time with the industry leaders in ADCs and converse in a cooperative, sharing, and constructive environment.”

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