Site-Specific Quantitation of Drug Conjugations on Antibody-Drug Conjugates Using a Protease-Assisted Drug Deconjugation & Linker-like Labelling (PADDLL) Method

Time: 12:00 pm
day: Track D - Day 2


  • Gain insight into the novel proteaseassisted drug deconjugation and linkerlike labelling (PADDLL) method that was developed to quantify the levels of linker payload at specific conjugation sites
  • Understand how this method was successfully applied on two cysteinelinked, protease-cleavable ADCs, and the method demonstrated good linearity and reliability, reaching a limit of quantitation of below 1%
  • The lot-to-lot variation in conjugation distribution and inferior conjugation stability at HC Cys225 to other interchain cysteines were observed