About Us

AbTis is a biotechnology company that specializes in antibody-drug conjugates (ADC) platform technology with its own proprietary patents and its own pipelines in developments in oncology areas.

AbTis pipelines are designed to enhance the safety and efficacy of the current antibody-drug conjugates by applying AbTis linker to the mAbs.  Our technology is applicable to the native antibodies, commercial antibodies, or novel antibodies under development as it requires no mutation or engineering to antibody itself.

AbTis is one of the leading bio-conjugation technology companies.  Under the moto of “Patients First”, AbTis has been striving to advance its ADC technology and to develop its pipelines with several other antibody and payload companies.  AbTis advanced ADC technology enables partners co-develop pipelines together in a real open innovation setting.

AbTis was founded in 2016 by Professor S.J. Chung of Sungkyunkwan University under Samsung Group.  In 2017 it was seed-funded and in 2018, AbTis secured US$4.5 million investments from leading venture capital firms in Korea.  In early 2021, AbTis closed US$14 million investments from Series A investors and new VCs and a leading asset management company in Korea.  We are actively looking for partners for licensing and/or co-development opportunities throughout the world.


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Team Members


Dr. Won Choi

Chief Scientific Officer


Justin Oh

Chief Business Officer

Ju Hwan Kim (AbTis)

Dr. Juhwan Kim

Deputy Head of R&D